Cape Rubber Lining

With accurate rubber application knowledge and our experienced hands we install a durable finished product.

Rubber lining provides the ultimate in wear resistance – protecting your equipment from corrosion, impact and abrasion while decreasing sound radiation from material impacts.

Reduce wear and increase process efficiency while providing longer equipment life with substantial cost savings. Less weight than steel linings reduces wear on bearings and energy requirements. Reduce unplanned stoppages and downtime at initial installation, replacement and/or repair work.

Various natural and synthetic rubbers ranging from 3 to 30mm in thickness for a variety of applications like in the steel, mining, engineering, chemical, environment and transportation sectors.

During the last 5 years contracts were done for: Diamond & Ruby plants in Sierra-Leone, Botswana, Mozambique, and Angola. We have also done contracts for ADP, Westarcor, Multotec & Industrial Mining Supplies.

Prior to any rubber lining work and due to experience of mining plants, we welcome a meeting with the client, to discuss the quality of rubber and thickness required.

We always strive to satisfy our clients and ensure the best workmanship quality.


Director: Louis van Zyl
Physical Address:
4 Nassau Street, Avondale, Cape Town,7500
VAT Number: 4240274128

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